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Americans United: Student Affiliates

Supporting church-state separation from campus.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Create an Action Plan and Strategy

Your plan should move from the general to the specific, from short term to long term, from “what” to “how.” Planning entails:

  • Setting a goal.
  • Developing strategies to achieve the goal.
  • Putting that strategy into action to achieve your goal.

Plan the Action

Generate ideas that will lead to your objective, then decide which to carry forward. Once your core group agrees on an action, create an action plan. It should include a time frame, an ordered list of tasks to complete, persons responsible for each task, and a list of resources required including materials, facilities and funds. Keep action plans flexible so you can respond to the unexpected.

Developing a Strategy

Develop a strategy for implementing your plan. These general questions will guide you in what steps need to be accomplished.

Who is your target audience?

  • The general public? The student body?
  • Do they understand the issue?
  • Where are your elected officials on the issue?

What action steps are needed to reach the people who need to be influenced?

  • Public education forum
  • Letters to the editor
  • Meeting with elected officials or campus officials

Is there a timetable to consider?

  • Is there pending legislation?
  • Is there an upcoming meeting with important university officials?

What other groups could be helpful in achieving your goal?

  • Community groups
  • Campus groups