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Americans United: Student Affiliates

Supporting church-state separation from campus.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

What's At Stake

"Faith-Based" Initiatives/Taxpayer Funded Discrimination

Do you want social services for the general public run by specific religious groups? Americans in need of welfare support, job training, emergency shelter and food/clothing supplies should receive these needed services without being pressured to take part in religious activities. "Faith-based" initiatives, which propose turning the provision of these services over to religious groups, threaten individual rights, allow groups to discriminate in hiring based on religion, and could lead to taxpayer support of religious ministries. These types of programs can also lead to a more theocratic country.

Religion in Public Schools

As future parents, do you want to determine which religion, if any, your child is exposed to? Mandatory prayer, Bible readings or other religious activities sponsored by public schools are fundamental violations of the freedom of conscience. Public school students have the right to pray on their own and schools may teach about religion as a part of objective instruction, but public schools must not sponsor religious worship.

Vouchers/Public Funding of Religious Schools

Do you want your tax dollars to support religious schools? Americans must be free to contribute only to the religious groups of their choosing. Voucher programs violate this principle by forcing all taxpayers to fund religious education. Taxpayers should not be required to subsidize the spread of religious and moral opinions they may disagree with.

Marriage and Family Life

Do you want religious groups choosing which families deserve fundamental rights? Opponents of church-state separation, led by the Religious Right, extol the "traditional" family of a married couple with children. All loving families, regardless of their composition, deserve support from government and society. The government must not deny adoption, child custody and other fundamental rights to families labeled "non-traditional" because of religious bias or narrow interpretations of holy books held by certain religious believers.

Judicial Nominations

Do you want judges who believe the United States is a "Christian Nation" to be appointed to federal courts? These positions should be for those who respect the role separation of church and state plays in ensuring religious freedom. Candidates who attack church-state separation fail to respect the religious diversity of the country, or support state funding of religion are not suitable for service on the federal courts.