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Americans United: Student Affiliates

Supporting church-state separation from campus.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Quick Ideas

Although you'll find more detail on each of these elsewhere in the manual, here is a quick overview of things that you can do on campus.

Stay informed!

Americans United is happy to send you copies of our monthly magazine Church and State, as well as other informational materials such as brochures and stickers. Also, you can sign up to receive press releases and activist alerts on our website.

Write a letter to the editor

A campus newspaper is an ideal forum for voicing the importance of church-state separation. In your letter, you may wish to address a specific church-state issue or respond to any media attacks on separation.

Write or call your representatives

One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect the separation of church and state is to write or call your representatives. You can keep track of important church/state legislation by checking the "Legislative Update" on the AU website. The website lists targeted bills on the federal and state levels, and special alerts are posted when AU needs the help of our grassroots activists.

Organize a debate

Work with students on campus to organize a debate about a church/state separation issue. Find students, community members, or faculty who would be willing to serve as debaters.

Create a public education campaign

Distribute fliers, or create a skit or artistic display for a public place (like the library or student union) about church/state separation issues. Consider staffing an information table and distributing literature on separation of church and state. AU can provide you with brochures and other information to distribute at these events. Make sure to get all appropriate permissions from your university before proceeding.

Screen a movie

Show a movie on campus and then hold a discussion afterward about the church/state separation issues that arise during the film. AU can provide movie title suggestions.

Invite a speaker to campus

Consider having a guest speaker come to your campus. AU is willing to work with you or your organization to help provide speakers for student events.

Participate in coalition events

Volunteer to co-sponsor or support the work of organizations that are affected by church/state separation issues. An example is National Coming Out Day.

Attend AU chapter meetings

Check the website for an updated list of AU chapters in your area, so you can attend meetings to receive updates about local issues, programming ideas and assistance for campus activities.