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Americans United: Student Affiliates

Supporting church-state separation from campus.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State

Organize Your Group

Designate Responsibility

Hey, you can't run an entire student group all by yourself! You should, with your group members, settle on major leadership roles (common ones include secretary, treasurer, president, and vice president). But it's your group, so feel free to work out roles as appropriate with your members. You should also consider assigning specific responsibilities to everyone, such as:

News Tracker

It is helpful both for your student group and our national office if you monitor your local newspaper for church/state separation issues. Designate one or two people to scan the paper everyday and cut out any relevant articles. Please inform of any potential issues in your community (even if you do not plan to organize around them).

Coalition-Building Director

This is simply a fancy name for a person who can be responsible for monitoring the activities of allied organizations and reporting back to the group about potential ways to collaborate. It is helpful for this person to be willing to attend some allied group meetings (perhaps once or twice a semester) and offer AU's support for their organization.

Religious Outreach Director

This person is the main liaison between progressive communities of faith and your organization. It is also possible to have a liaison for each denomination and have them report to this director.

Legislative Correspondent

This person is responsible for monitoring the Americans United website for current issues in your state and at the national level and then organizing a letter writing/phone campaign to your congressional representatives. This also involves researching elected officials' stances on church/state separation issues.

Membership Director

This person is responsible for ensuring that members' needs are met in the group. This includes strategizing about recruitment, especially of young members to ensure continuity.

The above recommendations are not hard and fast positions but simply a guide for what might work out for your group. Organize it as you see fit and in a way that works for everyone. Also, consider planning a social each month or after meetings. They help members feel both included and happy with the group. These can simply be coffee or a movie or something like bowling or a potluck.